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Strategies for successful YouTube marketing

We all love watching youtube right? 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. You can also make money through youtube. There are 5 ways to earn money through youtube.

a) Generating leads

b) Adsense

c) Affiliate marketing

d) Sponsored videos

e) Crowdsourcing

Make sure you leave your affiliate links in the description box that is given below the video. Use appropriate keywords for your video content and also look at what your competitors are doing.

Always focus on making good quality and engaging content. Don't make boring videos as no one is interested in watching boring content. Upload your video with high-quality SEO content, which includes the video file name, video title, description and tags.

The more views on video the higher your video will rank. To increase the views share your video as much as possible along with right tags.

Be consistent in posting videos. Shoot in various different locations and just be yourself. Don't forget to ask to subscribe in the video.

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