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How to start a blog?

Are you also thinking to start a blog of your own? if yes then, you're on the right page. A blog can be started at any age. For a blog first, you need to know about "domain name". A domain name is the name of your website. For instance, the domain name of is facebook.

Now when it comes to the extension after the domain name, it can be of multiple types. You get to choose it based on the audience. If you want to target the audience of a particular country you keep the extension accordingly. And if you want the audience from worldwide then you keep .com. It is the most popular one.

Next, you will be required to buy web hosting. Web hosting refers to a service that allows you to post a website or web page on the internet. So there are 3 types of hosting that you can choose from.

a) shared web hosting - it allows multiple websites to share a single web server. It is the cheapest option.

b)cloud hosting - It is based on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers. It is used by established websites and hence it is costlier.

c)dedicated hosting - In this you get your own server and you need to hire someone to manage it.

Also, there are 2 types of hosting platforms. some provide free and some costs you. It is preferred to buy a hosting as they will guide you and give you many benefits and support. For hosting you can buy from siteground or Hostgator.

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